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    Show sheets based on filter

    Praks Sha

      Hi All,

      I have created a dashboard using Superstore Data source as below.

      It has three sheets.

      Sheet 1 has a filter called, sub-category and based on that filter Sales value is being populated and also Sheet 2 is being filtered.

      When we click on any row in Sheet 2, then Sheet 3 is getting filtered.


      What I want to achieve is,

      Initially sheet 2 and sheet 3 should not appear in the dashboard. That means if the user has not make any filter selection (filter is 'ALL') then sheet 2 and 3 should not appear.

      Once the user selects the sub-category, Sheet 2 and sheet 3 should appear.

      Please help me to achieve this requirement.


      Also, find the attached workbook.