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    Cannot combine aggregate and non aggregate functions

    John Wagner

      I am trying to make this work and cannot figure out how to do it


      This is currently a measure and I need to turn it into a dimension so I can add a count by the formula.




      this issue is the ISNULL in the first elseif, I need to


      if [Completion Date] < [Start Date] Then 0
      elseif not isnull([Completion Date]) then
          if [BusDaysToCmplt] <= [BusDysCmpltExpected]/1.5 Then 1
              elseif [BusDaysToCmplt] > [BusDysCmpltExpected]/1.5
                  and [BusDaysToCmplt] <= [BusDysCmpltExpected]/1 Then 2
              elseif [BusDaysToCmplt] > [BusDysCmpltExpected]/1
                  and [BusDaysToCmplt] <= [BusDysCmpltExpected]/.8 Then 3
              elseif [BusDaysToCmplt] > [BusDysCmpltExpected]/.8 Then 4
          elseif [BusDaysToday] <= [BusDysCmpltExpected]/1.5 Then 5
          elseif [BusDaysToday] > [BusDysCmpltExpected]/1.5
              and [BusDaysToday] <= [BusDysCmpltExpected]/1 Then 6
          elseif [BusDaysToday] > [BusDysCmpltExpected]/1
              and [BusDaysToday] <= [BusDysCmpltExpected]/.8 Then 7
          elseif [BusDaysToday] > [BusDysCmpltExpected]/.8 Then 8