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    Colors in automatic palette

    Emilio Flores



      I have a couple of problems regarding the automatic color palette and stacked bars. I am charting as stacked bars 3 different categories  (A,B,C) of the same products, and inside these 3 different categories there are another 2 subcategories. (M,N) And I need to be able to filter the data by country and year.


      I want the lower part of the stacked bars to be red in a brighter to whitest fashion, where the brightest red contains the brand with the highest number of sales at the bottom. And the same with the top stacked bars, but in blue.


      As you can see from the image I have three problems:


           1. I am selecting the automatic palette, so that Tableau is able to apply the color filtering from highest to lower sales whenever I change the country or year with a filter. But I do not know how to change the colors in the automatic palette, they appear as blue and orange. I need blue and red.


           2.  Then Tableau is applying the brightest colors to the lower sales at the top, I want this brighter colors to be applied to the bottom, highest sales brands.


           3. Tableau is selecting the same color palette to all the top stacked bars, the same with the lower stacked bars. As if there was only one stacked bar and not three as I need it to be. So only one specific brand of a specific subcategory, and a specific category gets the brightest color. In the picture, M,M, Re