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    Display - how to aggregate data points and display date in "DD-MMM" format in Bi-weekly data?

    Jonathan Chan

      Hello Fellow Tableau users,


      I am trying to plot weekly data and Bi-weekly data together, and have questions regarding the later setup.


      Q1. Per enclosed picture showing the plotted chart, how to aggregate data points (production quantity) within the same time interval on bi-weekly screen?  Ex. Data point on week-24 showing a total of 4,544 (For amount produced derived from 3083 + 1461) and 14 (For number of work order performed derived from 9 + 5). 

      - Data points are successful aggregated on the Weekly data chart.


      Q2. How to plot bi-weekly data points (amount produced) on a line? 

      - Data points are successful plotted on a line on the Weekly data chart.


      Q3. How to display date in “DD-MMM” format instead of week# format in bi-weekly chart?


      Pictures of data source, original data and formula for bi-weekly dimension are also posted for your reference.  Tableau Desktop version 10.5.7 being used.


      Secondly, I have reviewed the following post but did not know how to manipulate the formula to achieve the above objectives.

      How do I graph time-based data in bi-weekly or bi-monthly segments?


      Q1 - Template.jpgQ2 - Original data.jpgQ3 - Data source layout.jpg



      3 - Bi-weekly formula.jpg


      Thank you.