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    Create dynamic set to show top 10 and rest as others

    bhargavi chittibomma



      I am looking for some dynamic set or dynamic solution that would show top 10 and rest as others


      I have tried by creating set it is working fine with out any filter condition's on view.. When filter condition's are applied it is not showing the correct result..


      Tried to do by creating calculated filed with the index this is working.. but this using table calculation and I cannot use this in other field

      IF INDEX()<=10 then ATTR([C Partner Name]) else ('Other') END


      case [Select Dimension]

      when ('Partner') then ([Partner w Other-For Lead])

      when ('Response Channel') then ([C Lead Source w Other-for Lead])

      when ('Tactic') then ([Sub Tactic w Other-For Lead])

      when ('Program') then ([Program w Other-For Lead])

      when('CType') then ([Sfdctype])



      Let me know how can i solve this