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    Dashboard containers (or sheets) in embedded stories sometimes not loading when using automatic size

    Lukas Kulhanek

      Unfortunately, I was not yet able to reproduce it with sample data, but I assume it should work with any complex calculation, that takes some time to compute.


      I am embedding a story via iframe to my website (or anywhere, does not really matter). As it is a secured area within my website, I am able to authenticate the user via token. As the views contain confidential data, I have uploaded a similar file to Tableau Public: Tableau Public , the workbook is attached. As I said previously, it is unfortunately working with the attached workbook...


      What I am showing is a dashboard consisting of 2 (or 3) sheets (a graph and below a list of the shown/selected items) and these dashboards are put into a story, one page for each dashboard. Sometimes, when the iframe is being loaded, at least one sheet is not shown, from what I could tell from hours of testing, the graph sheet is always there.


      I am investigating since hours to find any clue why it is failing (only sometimes), is there anyone who could give me hint, where I could find the error?


      If I can give any additional information, just let me know, thanks!


      Edit: I just found out, that when the text sheet is not loaded, the "reset button" is shown - by clicking on it, the view will be reset and all information is shown. Maybe triggering a reset after loading the frame could fix it.