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    Empty Row in a Crosstab which acts a search

    Darshini Nandakumar

      I have a crosstab results on the click of stacked bar diagram . In the results i receive i need to have  a empty record which should be used to search any records through the list of records.


      Help Community 1.JPG

      Fig 1 :  This is the result page that gets displayed after my click action.  Now i need a empty row like shown in the image above , which can be used to search through the records.



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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Darshini,


          first create one parameter with string.


          Create calculation as [Search]

          CONTAINS(str([Project Id]),([Search Project ID]))

          I have add str because project id is int.


          Drag this into filter and select true.

          Show parameter and type ' '


          It will default show blank report always.

          Set action filter and link to this sheet. once link goes to that sheet then it will show blank report. once we can type project id then it will show report.