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    Switch Filters

    Harjeet kaur

      I have seen a lot of discussion about toggling between sheets on a dashboard but how do i switch between the filters related to those sheets?

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          Deepak Rai

          There was a recent Solution to it like 5 or 6 days back. Search Please with in Community

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            Joe Oppelt

            See this video.  Second half does a pop-out of legends for the different sheets, but you would do the same for the respective filters instead.


            We made a video of Sheet Swapping and Legend/Filter Popping on a dashboard.


            If you are on V10.4 or higher, though, you can no longer overlay the location of the filters like the above video does for the legends.  There is a new way to pop out a series of objects all in the same container.

            See this thread for that new technique.

            Sheet popping behavior has changed in 10.5 (actually starting with 10.4)


            My apologies for making you jump from link to link to put all this together.  I'm in the process of recording a new how-to video, but it's not ready yet.  So this is the best I can offer for now.

            If you have questions, please let me know.

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              Harjeet kaur

              Thank you so much for replying but i am still having a hard time switching between the two sheets filters. Would you mind showing how you would do it with the attached workbook?  I have added the two sheets that are identical only difference is that one is looking at set of states and the other at all states.


              Maybe you might have another suggestion as to how I can do this differently. I just want to be able to look at the top states data and have the filter only show those states but be able to switch back and look at all states.

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                Deepak Rai

                Hi Harjeet,

                Here is  the Thread, Please Follow it.

                Parameter Swapping between 2 sheets




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                  Joe Oppelt

                  Harjeet -- In this workbook, what filters do you want to hide/display based on the selected sheet?

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                    Harjeet kaur

                    I want to keep all the filter(4 on both sheets) on the dashboard right now. I want to be able to show the 4 filters that related to the sheets and also in the same location when i change the "TOP STATE" parameter.

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                      Joe Oppelt

                      I'm not connecting with your need as you describe it.  You can just make all those filters set as "apply to" the two swapped sheets, and there is no need for popping things around.

                      Deepak  pointed to another thread with an example.  But the example is lacking in the technique you are asking for, so I took that sample workbook and changed it to pop the associated filter for the selected sheet into the same location on the dashboard.  When you select Segment, the segment sheet displays, and the segment filter displays.  When you select Category, then the category sheet and filter display.  This is the technique you need if you want to swap objects associated with the selected sheet.

                      See attached.

                      If this is what you are trying to achieve, I can discuss with you how you can do that.

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                        Harjeet kaur

                        Thanks Joe! that is what I am looking for and i would really appreciate if I can get more detail on how you did that.

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                          Joe Oppelt

                          Edit that dashboard.  Go to the Layout tab for editing the dashboard and click on the container I highlighted here:



                          Right click it, choose floating order and select "bring to front".  Now you'll see the whole container.  Play with the parameter.  You will see the pop-out sheet expand and disappear as you change the parameter.  I sized it so that when it expands it pushes the two filters to the right, the exact amount of the width of one filter.


                          At the top of that hierarchy list is a blank.  I colored it white so that it is opaque.  When the pop-out expands, we don't want the user to see the Category filter any more.  The white blank object hides the Category filter.  When the pop-out disappears, the Category filter moves into the viewing space, and the Segment filter moves to the left.  Because it was floating below the sheet swap container, the Segment filter gets hidden by the sheet.



                          In essence I made a little viewing area that is big enough to show only one filter at a time.


                          Right click on that horizontal container and send it to the back of the floating order to return the dashboard to its original configuration.


                          As for the part of the white blank object that extends beyond the boundary of the container, the user will never see that when you publish it.  Only the contents within the boundaries will be displayed on the Server.