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    growth calculation via LOD not working


      Dear Forum,



      I have a problem with a calculation of a LOD. I sent the workbook in the attachment, it is about the following problem:



      In column 1 the sales figures are from this month, in column two the sales figures from this month, but from the last year.



      Between these two time fields now the growth rate is to be calculated, which is calculated by:



      Present - Past / Past.



      The individual lines are all calculated correctly, but the total sum does not fit. A growth rate of 60.20% is calculated. But it would be correct:



      (18.000 - 15.000) / 15.000 = 20%



      Can someone explain to me where the mistake lies and exactly what needs to be changed so that the total also calculates a growth of 20%?



      Thank you in advance.