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    How to visualize and analyze same person doing outreach?

    Mariah Pettapiece-Phillips

      I have a dataset that records all outreaches (phone calls) to providers. Each call has its own unique [log_id] , provider group [group_name] , as well as [attempt_date] , and person doing the outreach [clinician_first_name]. There can be many (upwards of 20) outreaches per provider group. I'm trying to see, over time at the [group_name] level, how consistent the [clinician_first_name] is. e.g. is it the same person over time? between [attempt_date]s, is it the same person or different? For a certain provider, how many [clinician_first_name]s have outreached to them?


      I'm struggling with how best to 1) calculate and 2) visualize this in tableau?


      Anyone have any suggestions?