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    Relevant values filtering from Filter to parameter

    sowjanya kolluru



      I Need to build a line graph on dual axis like below: Both the values are coming from same KRI name for same product category.


      1. we have a product category with values:  cards, loans, insurance.

      2. we have a column called risk indicator name: for relevant product category with the relevant risk indicator value.

      3. The use case is that, the user wants to compare two risk indicator performance values for same product category in the same line chart as below.


      The steps what I have done is:


      created 2 risk indicator names and values calculated fields.

      KRI1 = risk indicator name

      KRi 2 = risk indicator name





      I brought the product category field to filter shelf and show filter.

      then I brought the KRI and KRI 2 to filter shelf and show filter. For KRI 1 when I selected relevant values for selected prod category. it is working fine upto this point. I also want the KRI 2 to be relevant to product category. this is where the issue starts. The KRI 2 is becoming relevant to KRI 1 and not to product category. how can I make the KRI 2 also relevant to product category. is it possible or any work around. please advise. It will be very very helpful if some one could advise me how to do this.


      I also tried doing using parameters, it is same issue. I cant make the parameter relevant to filter.