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    Filter Actions Sets

    Raunak Jain

      Hi All,


      I am trying to understand a part of the report wherein I am seeing a field (Paid Status) in the filter which is a set, however, in the left hand data panel Sets section is missing which is confusing. Also, looks like it is an action but I couldn't find any filter action for this sheet (clicked on worksheet at the menu bar and then action). Can someone please help me understand what kind of function it is?


      Thanks for your help!

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          Ken Flerlage

          Is this sheet on a dashboard? If so, then go to the dashboard, then take a look at the dashboard actions. My guess is that there is a dashboard filter action that is creating this.

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            Ritesh Bisht

            This is an action filter (which is a Set as well )


            Since it is dynamic you will not see it under  Sets


            So, don't get confused' Action Filter = Filter + Set ,Just go and check your dashboard action.'


            Also, once you are out of that action , it(action-set filter) will disappear from the Filter


            Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 10.45.31 AM.png




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              Raunak Jain

              Hi Ritesh,


              Thanks for this information! Can you tell me how that's done? I have found some online resources on this but even with that backtracking what was done on the sheet/dashboard is tricky. Will appreciate if you can please guide me on that.

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                Ritesh Bisht

                Hi Raunak,


                Let me try to explain , I did one thing .


                I tried to describe the ACTION(Region)


                Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 10.57.58 PM.png




                Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 10.58.03 PM.png



                So, action filer is not only a set but a Combined Set  (Unlike the other sets that you create manually , those are computed sets )


                I thought why ?


                I again took a look at my dashboard (ACTION filter set at REGION )



                Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 11.12.08 PM.png



                So, if you consider your source as  SET1 & destination as SET2


                The result of your action filter will be Shared members in both the set    (see above image where I can see only East region at Sheet 4

                after applying Action filter at Sheet 2 )




                Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 11.14.23 PM.png



                I just tried to understand it myself as well , hope it helps , if yes , please mark the answer accordingly