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    Tooltip Capabilities

    Jenna Dulchinos

      Hello -


      Is there the possibility to...

      1. have a tooltip appear in two places on the same sheet (I want it to hover over my detail AND name - so over two dimensions) and have them be different? I want the "name" tooltip to display one detail and the "other" tooltip to display different details than the first, but be on the same sheet.


      2. be able to click on the tooltip to interact within it - not have it disappear when you try to move the cursor into the tooltip and try to click on different things within it?




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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Jenna,


          In response to your questions:


          1. This is possible if you use something like a dual axis or use multiple measures in your view. This is because you'll get multiple marks cards, and each of these marks cards gives you the ability to have different tooltips.


          2. One option to have things clickable in a pop up is to use action filters, in particular the menu action. There is also the feature of tooltip selections, please find more information here: Sharpen your analysis with tooltip selection in Tableau 10.3 | Tableau Software





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            Jenna Dulchinos

            Thank you for sharing!


            I attached my workbook here (10.5), do you know how i wold add the dual axis or a second measure on the "Test Sheet (2)"? I want to add a second so that you are able to hover over the name (leftmost column) and keep the colored circles having their own tooltip in the rightmost column. This would allow me to add certain data in the tooltip for each measure. I was playing around with placeholders to make dual axis but am unsure how to get one in the left most column and the other in the right most column.


            Thank you!