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    How to get the Last Business day and Prior Business day

    Suresh Reddy

      Hi All, I have a Date field 'Collection Date' it contains all the Business run dates in a moth. Ex: In AUG/2018 we have the date values  08/3, 08/4, 08/5 ,08/10, 08/11, 08/12, 08/21, 08/22, 08/29 with corresponding Defects for each Application. Now I want to create a report that shows only the Latest Business date defects and Prior to Latest Business Date defects. From the above example Latest is 08/29 and prior date is 08/22 Application                            Last Business Day Defects (08/29)              Prior Business Day  Defects (08/22) -----------------                          --------------------------------------------                ------------------------------------------------ ABC                                            200                                                                    300 DEF                                            350                                                                    500 Could anyone please help me to create above 2 calculated fields ? Thanks in Advance. Thanks, Suresh.