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    Graphic Backlog and real value

    Claudia Martinez

      Hi.Naveen B


      I have a doubt i try to do a graphic with contains two data sources different , but had been complicated to me to connect the filters doesn´t match with correct information


      In this screen i put the two data sources one is a backlog (this results shouldn´t move) and the other (bars) is a real behaviour and updated each day.


      I want to show the backlog per month (line) and currently results (bars)

      example: Aug-2016 is 1, Sept - 2016 (Aug 2016 + Sep 2016), Oct-2016 (Aug 2016 + Sep 2016, Oct-2016) the final result should be 2095.(this turns out that I want it not to change, so that it stays)

      The bars is the currently information (and this should be change each day)


      i hope i have been clear enough.


      Thanks in advance,.

      Shinichiro Murakami

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