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    Calculate Only Where Value is not 0


      Hi guys,


      I thought I had a reasonable understanding of Tableau until something silly like this comes up and completely baffles me! It´s supposed to be so simple but somehow it wont work.


      All I´m trying to do is carry out a division where the denominator is not 0 (or greater than 0)


      Please see the table in my attached workbook. All the measures are working fine apart from the 'Digital vs Onsite'. For example Bristol 2010 it should be 44% not 64%. For Leeds 2010 it should say 5% not 3%. For this to show work the calculation needs to exclude the rows where the Onsite rows are 0 i.e. the denominator.


      Hope this make sense.


      P.S I have a bonus question. My Year on Year calculation is hopeless too, doesn’t seem to pick up previous years numbers in the chart. I have added the previous years numbers as a Reference Line but it´s not appearing.


      Would be very grateful for some help.