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    Line graph referencing all underlying data

    Guy Robinson



      I am looking to create a line graph that references all data in order to calculate the line (rather than just the data on each specific date).


      I have attached a packaged workbook to try and demonstrate what I am doing.


      The mock 'data' has information about clients that have purchased trial periods for a certain number of users. What I am trying to plot is the user-weighted remaining term as a time series so I can see if people are opting for longer or shorter trial periods with higher emphasis on trials with a larger number of users.


      So for every date the calculation should be SUM(remaining term * users)/sum(users)


      If I add the purchase date to the 'columns' then for each date it only shows trials purchased on that date, rather than showing trials that were purchased on an earlier date which are yet to finish yet.


      Many thanks!


      Tableau Desktop version 9.0