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    Up and Down Arrows based on 90 days prior to filtered date

    Ashley A. Skeete

      Hi Community,


      I have several KPIs that are reviewed throughout the year. I have quick filters for fiscal year and fiscal quarter. I'd like to put up and down arrows indicating the trend for these KPIs based on the filter selections. So if the user chooses 2018 Q4, I'd like the arrows to compare against how we did 90 days prior to beginning of 2018 Q4. Similarly, if the user selects 2018 All Quarters, I'd like the arrows to compare against 90 days prior to 2018 Q1. So, no matter what the user chooses, I just want to see how it compare to the previous 90 days. I'm using filters instead of parameters because I read that parameters have to be manually maintained. For example, in 2019, I'll have to add 2019 to the parameter. I'd like to avoid manually updating the parameters so that this dashboard will be easy to pass down to posterity. Is this request possible and if so, can you please explain how in newbie terms?


      Thank you for your help!