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    Struggling to Create Back Button for Action Filters

    Luke Greiner

      Hi there,


      I have two action filters that I have used to filter occupations so users can start at a broad career field type level and then drill down into specific occupations. It works great to drill down, but I have been trying for hours and scouring the forums to figure out how to simply go back one level on the filters.


      In my attached workbook you can see in dashboard labeled "Occ Field Breakdown" selecting an occupational field will drill down to career pathway, and then further selecting a pathway will drill down into the actual occupations within the pathway. It all works terrific, but then there is no way to simply go back from the "Oc" sheet to the "Cluster" sheet. And also no way to go from "cluster" to "Fields"


      I would be incredibly thankful for some help on this.


      Another thing that has me stumped, why can't I sort my "Oc" sheet by my Employment data point?