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    Creating a One to Many Relationship

    Joe Fedorowicz



      I had this working and somehow cannot replicate now. I have two data sources that do not have a directly relationship. They are built like this:


      Redshift Table

      • Singular Campaign ID
      • Data from every day on multiple campaigns with unique campaign ID


      SharePoint List

      • Bucket ID with sub-campaign IDs
      • Static, meaning there is just one row of data per Campaign


      Basically, I want to use data from both, but there are many campaign IDs that funnel under my SharePoint list row. I had this working by creating a dummy join (using both STR(Null) or just a Int(1), and then creating a filter that looked like this:


      Combined Field - SubCampaign 1+" - "+SubCampign 2+" - "+SubCampaign 3



      i would then (After removing nulls from the Redshift table, which seems cursory) add this IF CONTAINS(ATTR(Campaign ID), ATTR(Combined Field) THEN "True" ELSE "False" END


      I get all false values. If I add just a string to the combined field (to test) then it works, but it doesn't seem like the combined is working as I hoped.


      Help! I attached a demo book.