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    How to calculate growth on existing markets?


      Hello altogether,


      Currently I am facing a problem, for which I have a slight general idea, but nothing I could solve with tableau. I would be glad to be shown another way.


      As I am doing some general year-to-year comparison it becomes necessary to compare just the same items of the current year, which have been there before in the last year to get no distortion in the result. E.g. I want to compare the difference percentage of revenue of our units, but last year we had 100 customers, and today we have 120 customers. Now for the comparison I only want those 100 customers (items) which already have been there the last year, to get an accurate tracking in how well we are doing. The same counts with our different branches, etc. Thus, there are a couple of items which need to be "fixed".


      Is there a way to do it? I thought of some LOD expressions here, but I can't figure out how you would give it the information needed.





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          Andrew Watson

          One option would be to create a filter to isolate those customers that had a record last year. That filter can be used to remove those customers without an entry last year from the comparision. For example:


          IF ISNULL(

          { FIXED [Customer Name]: SUM(IF YEAR([Order Date]) = 2017 THEN [Sales] END)} //Those customers without any sales last year will return Null


          THEN FALSE

          ELSE TRUE //Return True for those customers with an entry in 2017



          Place that field on the filter shelf and set to true. It'll exclude all customers without sales in 2017.