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    Connecting Spatial File to Regional Data

    Jed Blankson

      Hi I have obtained spatial data on the various regions in the UK which I have successfully managed to connect to tableau however I seem to be having trouble with connecting this to data to regional data on excel in order to show the excel data on a spatial map.


      I have followed various tutorials on youtube and on the tableau gallery regarding connecting to spatial data however the spatial data doesn't seem to recognize the excel data when I have tried to add a new connection.


      My excel data looks something similar to this:


      North West535674674564
      North East573748748898
      East of England237435435345


      I have spatial data for each of these regions but the data doesn't show up on the map when I have tried to add a new connection. I have followed the steps in the connecting to spatial maps video on this page: Resources | Tableau Public , however I cannot gss code to code as these do not show up on the connections drop down menu.


      Any help would be much appreciated!! I have been struggling for hours. Thanks

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          Kent Marten

          Hi Jed Blankson,


          Is it possible for you to share the data? I'm not 100% certain what it is you are doing and how you are trying to do it based on what you've written above.

          If you are failing to join a spatial file to an excel table and you have matching attribute values - it's difficult to troubleshoot without the data.

          I would ensure you have no leading or trailing spaces in the values you are using to join.



          Kent M.