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    Assigned value by condition

    Roman  Bobor


         I am new in Tableau and I am facing following issue.  I have two Tableau Server databases.  What I would like to do is to assign the value ORIG SPEC from one database to the other one but only if it fulfill condition DATE>RELEASE

      I need the Tableau to simply: Take value DATE, compare to the RELEASE. If condition DATE>RELEASE is true, assign ORIG SPEC to SPEC. If condition is false, compare value with second row. If ture etc.







      to be aasigned

      4111to be aasigned
      5212to be aasigned
      7582to be aasigned
      9874to be aasigned


      All data are confidental, so data presented here are just dummies. Databases are blended, I only need to solve this issue. Can you please support me? Big thanks!!

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          Ankit Bansal



          Can you join the data instead of blend?


          I have achieved this using join:



          Attaching the workbook for reference.



          Ankit Bansal

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            Roman  Bobor

            Hello Ankit,

                the problem is that I am using Tableau Server Databases and I am not able to join these datbases only to blend them (I am not sure if newer tableau version ar eable to joind data from Server databases). Anyway, thanks for hint

            The "Calculation"  dimension you have used - I tried to implemen it but I still struggle with the problem, that I can not mix aggregate and non agreggate values. When I used after FIXED the dimension DATE (btw from differen data source than Release) it always put ATTR or SUM aggregate function in front (syntax: {FIXED ATTR Date .......). When I finished the calculation syntax, the error of combining aggregate and non-aggregate values appears. Do you have any suggestion how to handle this ? Thanks!