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    daniele menzaghi


      is it possibile to have an autoscroll into a dashboard? This means that when i click on a specific object (graph bar, title, etc...) this bring me down to a specific area.


      thanks a lot


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          Esther Aller

          Hi Daniele,


          There isn't a way to make Tableau scroll down to a particular entry. However you can use Highlight Actions to make it easier for your user to find a user selected item. I've attached an example workbook, but you can see directions for how to create highlight actions here Highlight Actions


          The Tableau website has an Ideas section where customers can add, comment, and vote on features they would like to see in the product. Votes are used to help prioritize new features. Our Development team also loves to see everyone's use cases in the comments, which helps them better design features that will meet the most possible needs.


          I was unable to find an Idea on this, so I recommend creating one Ideas


          Hope this answers your question!