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    Calculate Percentage of One Measure

    Mariah Pettapiece-Phillips

      My data set captures phone calls that were conducted by my organization to the end user. These calls were recorded and each one was coded for certain themes that presented (technical issues, negative feedback, etc.). Ideally, I want to create a pie chart breaking down the weight of each issue faced (e.g. 34% of calls had a Technical Difficulty issue). I'm having trouble calculating the percentages correctly.


      For each theme, I created a measure that looks like this (had to distinct count the record ID as there are duplicates):

      COUNTD(IF [Lack of time]='Yes' THEN [Record ID] ELSE NULL END)


      So far, I've been able to create a horizontal bar chart looking like this:

      Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 3.49.24 PM.png


      However, when I try to calculate each bar as a percentage, it goes wonky. There are 108 calls (first bar Distinct count of calls) and each measure below is a theme. I'd like each bar to be a percentage of the total distinct count of calls (108). Once this is done, I can hopefully integrate into a pie chart for easy visualization.


      Can this be done?