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    Quick filter not working when action filter applied

    Aishwarya PP

      Hi Everyone,


      Im facing issue when trying to use a quick filter after  an action filter is applied.


      We are using action filter to filter sheets by single click on any bar.

      But if we try to select any other Filter from top filter then that doesn’t get applied.


      Please refer attached image for example keep Los Angeles is clicked on City chart and California is filtered on the State chart

      Keeping this filter when i try to select Colorado (maintaining California) the State chart is not reflecting Colorado

      Untitled.pngDesired functionality is that both California and Colorado should be shown.

      Please note that selecting any other State other than the filtered state(in this case California) the filter works.

      please suggest a workaround


      Thanks in Advance


      Aishwarya PP


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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          the filters in your book are working correctly - filters are used to limit the amount of data that is in the viz - so going from no filter (i.e. All States) to a specific like California (whether it is on the menu or a single click on the viz - will reduce the data to only one state -

          But If you add the 3 filters to Context



          you get this result





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