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    So many data sources! Can this be done?

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy all!


      Here are the requirements of the ask.


      - You have 14 calculated views to hit.

      - Every calculated view has the same required parameters placed on them. They will not return data until these parameters are satisfied.

      - We want a visual on a separate tab for every calculated view (14 tabs).

      - We want the filters selected for 1 tab to effect all other tabs.


      Below are my issues:


      1.) The parameters that need to pass to the calculated views would need to be dynamic data filters. I cannot use hard-coded parameters. A customer last month may not be a customer this month.

      2.) In that scenario can I have a selected customer be passed to all other 13 data sources to effect visuals on different tabs.


      I think I could solve a lot of problems by asking for the parameter requirements to be removed and let me simply utilize refreshing extracts on the views so I can pull their data.

      But before that I wanted to know if there were other options.


      Thanks for any responses! If there are any questions where I need to elaborate feel free.