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    Help! Calculated field based on same column but different values

    Vikash Karra

      Hoping someone can assist with this. What you see below is an image from 1 worksheet that I've built.  The loop qual success/cancels/unit sales are all from a column called 'Metric Name'. The actual values are from a column called 'Metric Value'. I'd like to create another calculation or to basically divide cancels and divide that by unit sales. This should be relatively easy but am having trouble doing this. I would like this calculation to be placed right after the 'cancels'. Hoping this makes sense. Basically, trying to figure out best approach on how to divide two values from the same column based on their 'metric name' and place it in the current structure. Ideally, it would be great to have the flexibility to have 1 calculated field to handle this measure (which would allow me to sort the values according to the way they want it sorted within the same worksheet)