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    Basic doubts

    Vishal rajadhyaksha

      Hello, I am Tableau newbie. Just started learning this awesome software since last 3 days.


      My question is related to attached screenshot.


      I dragged below 3 columns on "TEXT" mark


      1. Product name

      2. Region

      3. Ship mode


      But in sheet 1, I am seeing column only for Product name and not for Region and Ship mode. I am seeing details of Region and ship mode in tooltip only. Why is that so ?


      I am aware I can create columns for these 2 fields by explicitely dragging these fields in columns section. My question is , why the column is displayed only for product name?





      2nd doubt : Please click on this link Imgur: The magic of the Internet


      I don't want to see quantity and sale after mouse hover as a tool tip. I want to see actual figures on the canvas without mouse hover.


      Please suggest the way.


      Thank you.