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    LOD for calculating Customer Index

    varun kalra


      I am trying to calculate an additional column "index" which should be calculated as LTV by product / Grand Total Avg. of the Avg. LTV (all products combined) .

      For eg. index for product BC should be 38/51.3 =0.74

      Tried using the LOD but not getting desired result :

      Index: [Average LTV]/MIN({ FIXED :(AVG({ FIXED [Product],DATETRUNC('month',[Order Date]):([Average LTV])}))})

      I wanted to know how can a LOD calculation be used if the measure (Avg. LTV) is already an aggregated value. I am using a formula for calculating Avg. LTV=sum([Lifetime Value To Date])/COUNTD([Customer ID (Client)]).

      Attached workbook for reference

      Please guide