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    Autofilling connection attributes from the DSN doesn't work

    Jeremy Chetboul

      Hi everybody,


      I'm currently working on a custom C++ odbc driver and face a problem at the time of connection that doesn't impede connecting and using tableau functionalities.


      When reaching the "Other Database" page, choosing the DSN and clicking connect, I expect the different "connection attributes" to be automatically filled in as seen on other drivers, but that doesn't happen using my driver.

      I thought this would be auto-managed by the interaction between windows driver/dsn manager and Tableau but then that problem indicates it is related to something missing in my code (or in my custom .tdc then ?).


      The connection process though still works as expected:

           - The driver still reads the dsn without any problem and can connect

           - If one of the "connection attributes" field is changed to a certain value, the connector will have this updated value instead of the DSN one


      I would like to know if somebody could orient me on some ODBC requirements my driver is not meeting for this autofilling to happen (maybe some SQL_DESC that needs to be filled in since my custom driver might refer to the "User" field name of a dsn with another name like "foo" right ?).


      I'm joining this (very unprofessional, I'm sorry) picture describing visually the problem:




      Thank you in advance,