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    Worksheet filters look great; Dashboard adds "null" to those filters

    Caite Stevens

      Hi everyone,

      I'm hoping this is an easy solve. Using Tableau Online.


      My underlying data has no null values. Only TRUE/FALSE. When I add a filter on these values to the worksheet, the filtered options are: ALL, FALSE, TRUE. Perfect, right? When I add this sheet to a dashboard, it appears the same. Same three options: ALL, FALSE, TRUE.


      Except when I publish and then view the dashboard as another user, all those filters now add NULL to the options, so the options now are: ALL, NULL, FALSE, TRUE


      I wouldn't care so much if we actually had Null values, but we don't, and if you try to filter on them, the results come up blank (because null doesn't exist in my data). I've tried clicking "Only relevant values" in the sheet's filter, but that has zero effect on things.


      What am I doing wrong?