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    Sankey Arms not sized properly

    Kristin Simonova

      Hello Tableau masters.


      I am quite new to Tableau and I am trying to make a Sankey diagram which will eventually go from Category > Detect > Group > Duration on one dashboard.

      What I am noticing though is that the size of the arms coming out are not right. I will demonstrate the issue below.


      I'd like to:

      - get the arms sized properly.

      - fix the alignment issue (arms aligning properly with the bar charts on both left and right hand side).

      - display the percent of total on hover on the arms.


      Important: The data I am using is pivoted (unfortunately) so I always have to use the custom calculations of Individual records and Percent total which you will find in the Tooltip Calculations folder. I am unable to change this at this time because I have build a lot of other dashboards with this. However, if it is easier to work with unpivoted data, please delete the Pivoted columns and proceed with unpivoted version (as you can see the pivoted columns are not used in the Sankey they are just there so I can have the same data structure). Also the pivoted columns have much more than 2 options, in case you are wondering.



      Percent of Total in the tooltip does not show when you hover on the Sankey arms. Not sure if that is possible to show? It would display the percent as shown in the sheet called "Check % for Arms". For example, the arms coming from Category 4 should say 32% and go to 0-1y and 0.18% and go to Unaffected.


      I am attaching a drawing of what the Category 4 arms should look like (see attached).


      From this you can see my second issue, which is that the arms are not properly sized. The two arms coming out of Category 4 are roughly the same size which is wrong. See sheet called "Check % for Arms" again.


      Good to have:

      Categories in the bar charts should stay fixed to their original order, if possible. Say for Category they should go from 1 to 4; for Duration 0-1y, 1-2y, 2-5y, 5-10y  and then Unaffected. However, if that would cause issues with the Sankey arm calculations and sorting, then this can be ignored.


      Your help will be much appreciated.