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    Filter out records

    Jeff Stanley

      I have a data set that includes a combination of block accounts (master accounts with sub accounts) and individual accounts which includes the sub accounts. The block account numbers are identified as starting with "888," and then with a unique "name." within the set of "888's." In the individual accounts, the account numbers start with "111," these also have an account name that may or may not be unique. When creating a final list of accounts I need to filter out the "111" accounts that  share a name with an "888" account. In the sample attached in 10.3, the full list of account is:


      So I would need to filter out the red and blue "111" accounts since any activity they have would already be included in the "888" accounts of the same name (ignore the fact the amounts don't indicate that I just used random numbers). "111" accounts can share a name, this just means that the same customer has multiple individual accounts that do not roll into one - so the two "111' accounts named "black" are fine.