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    login using tabcmd with SSO enabled

    Sarath Vejandla

      With the new gmail update, tableau subscription email snapshots shrink. I tried to use tabcmd 'get' command to download pfd files and email it to users using blat. But I found out that I can't login using tabcmd with SSO implemented. Is there any other way to login using tabcmd with SSO implemented ?



      Tabcmd login command:


      tabcmd login -s http://tableau-server -u XXXX -p XXXXXX --no-prompt

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          Naveen B

          Hi Sarath,


          you can use tabcmd with SSO enabled but only thing you must give username and password with your tableau server login credentials


          suppose you are added to server and your id is svej07(AD id) and password is windows password or other password as per company policy then u need to pass your userid and password like


          tabcmd login -s http:\\<servername> -u svej07 -p <your network password or password getting used to login to tableau server> --no-prompt


          It will help you login to server , if needed use --no-certcheck option if you get caught exception error


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