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    Published Viz has all centered text slightly off-center


      Recently, a workbook I publish to Tableau Public started pushing centered text slightly to the left. It is not left-aligned; the text still acts as if it is centered, but you can see it is slightly to the left.


      See the attached image for the difference between what it shows in the Tableau application and what it shows published in my browser. In the Chrome and Firefox views, you can see that extra space on the right. In the second image, the labels on top of the bar graphs and the labels on the horizontal axis are subtly to the left a bit.


      Has anyone else been experiencing this? I've currently using Tableau Public Desktop 2018.2.0 (20182.18.0627.2230) 64-bit, though this has been going on for a month or so, maybe since I upgraded to 2018.1. It will happen with any new sheet I create in this existing workbook. This is a monster workbook that I'd rather not have to recreate in its entirety.