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    Filter strings(custom list) using contains function

    Lolakshi Gour

      Hello All,


      I have a field name "Journal Description"(this column exists in Database) which has a list of values as below. I have another custom list "General Description"(DOESNOT exist in DATABASE) as below as well. My aim is to exclude rows that contain the string under "General Description". I have created a calculated field as

      CONTAINS(LOWER([Journal Description]),LOWER("Adjustment entries")) or

      CONTAINS(LOWER([Journal Description]),LOWER("MISC OTHER WIRE")) or

      CONTAINS(LOWER([Journal Description]),LOWER("PAYROLL RELATED R/C")) or

      ...................... and so on.


      Then I drag the this field into Filters section and set it "False" (as I want to exclude the strings).


      My question is , is there a best way/ approach to handle this? Right now there are total of 165 values under "General Description" which can change month to month. If I include all the values manually, I get a error message as "Expression is too complex" in the calculated field.


      Request you to help with the best approach. Thanks!