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    Some clarifications on using FIX

    Elad Lanir



      I'm still learning the full capabilities of using FIX function and there is one thing i cant seem to fully understand - how (if any) can i use FIX and still have that measure interact with different filters on the worksheet?


      Here is a use case for example:

      My data source is keeping a list of providers per city with a list of additional columns keeping different attributes to describe each provider.

      so the data would look something like:




      Now, in my dashboard, i have two worksheets

           - Table 1: a table with breakdown by city, showing counts on number of providers based on attr_x or attr_y

           - Table 2: a table with no breakdown counting distinct cities and providers


      Something like:

      # Providers7
      # Providers with XX13


      CityCount ProvidersCount Providers with XX1




      In the dashboard there are too sliders allowing user to filter on cities based on number of providers.

      so far so good.

      I created a measure like {FIX [City]: COUNTD([Provider_ID])} and it works just as expected. it can be used on both tables showing the exact same numbers.


      the issue starts when i try to add additional filters to the dashboard. i.e allowing the user to filter on providers based on their attr_z value.

      I tried adding the attr_z to the list of dimensions in the FIX but that obviously broke the formula as the distinct count was wrong.


      For the interim I used the quick and dirty approach and duplicated the measures. one containing the FIX part is used for the slider filter and one without the FIX is used for the display and to react to any filtering on attr_z.

      I'm sure there is a more elegant solution to that because in the current "quick and dirty" the slider filter and the attr_z filter are not correlating with one another... but i cant seem to figuer that out just yet.


      Any thoughts / ideas / suggestions would be helpful.