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    How to Color Individual Cells?

    Chad Clauson

      Hi, I have this text table that I created and wanted to conditionally format some of them...Capture.PNG

      So the status code and description are crossed out for confidentiality. I wanted to color the 1-2 Days and 3+ Days cells background based on value. If a value is greater than 0 for 1-2 days, color that cell yellow. If a value is greater than 0 for 3+ Days, color that red. From this picture, that means all the cells would be colored yellow in the 1-2 Days column and all but 5 of the 3+ days column would be colored red. All of the other columns would not be colored anything. You'll see that the table is also sorted by volume.


      I saw a workaround using calculated field using sum(0) but that would mess up the labels. I could use text boxes to replace those labels, but then how would I sort by volume if I were to do this? Is there another way to avoid all this?