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    Create new calculated field to identify [Customer Name] whether his/her is "NEW" or "EXISTING"

    Saharat Sakulsaowapakkul



      Let's focus on original dimensions and measures below


      Dimensions: [Order Date] and [Customer Name]

      Measures: [Sales]


      I would like to create new calculated field called [IS NEW] which have following logic


      If [Customer Name] purchased in 2017

      then "EXISTING"

      else "NEW"



      In other word, I wonder that who have ever purchased things in prior year before. That one would be considered as old customer or "EXISTING"

      Meanwhile, "NEW" customer is the one who have the 1st purchase just in 2018 (New customer)


      Please kindly give me a suggestion to convert my conversation logic into calculated logic congruence with Tableau.

      You may also revised my attach workbook and upload to me.


      Thank you in advance.