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    Check if value is in a dynamic list

    yoav tepper


      I have some experience with Tableau and i am aware that (unfortunately) there is no such thing as an "IN" clause in Tableau.

      i work with a tricky data source (basically a complex initial sql query) and i want to check if a certain [Project] is in a certain [Project List].

      the thing is - the [Project List] changes over time - therefore i cannot use literal strings or "CASE" clauses, i need something that will always be according to the up-to-date list.

      any ideas?


      Thank you in advanced!

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          Ankit Bansal



          You can do this by left join. So Let say you have primary data source as below:






          Your dynamic project list  table looks like this





          Now when you will join primary data source with project list as LEFT join , Your data will look like this:


          Project     Project_List

          P1               P1

          P2               P2

          P3               (NULL)


          Now you can check if project exist in list or not as:


          if  Not ISNULL(Project_List ) then 'project exist in list' else 'Project does not exist in list' end


          Hope it is clear.

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            meenu choudhary

            Hi Yoav,


            If both Project and Project List are coming from same source then you can use "CONTAINS" function.


            CONTAINS([Project ],[Project list]).

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