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    Count number of records

    Jerome Breil

      Good morning all,


      I'm working on a supply chain tool and I ve a table with several scenarios to compare. Then my table is simple : The number of the scenario, costs and service.


      I display the different point with a point graph : x-axis = service, y-axis = costs, 1 point = 1 scenario.


      I've created two parameters : target service, target costs. Then, I ve created a calculated field saying : Service > target service and Costs < target costs, then "green", else "red".

      With this, I m coloring in green and red the point on the graph.


      The ultimate step that I would like to be able to achieve, is to draw a pie-chart or a side-bar with the proportion of red/green (x%, y% and a visual representation of the two parts). This would enable the strategist to see in one eye how many scenarios is meeting its targets (instead of counting the points....).


      Thanks you a lot for you help in advance,