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    Show/ Hide WebObject based on dashboard actions




      I am working on a dashboard where I need some help.


      The layout of the dashboard is as below


      Requirement is that when I click on an employee ID  in “Heatmap2”, it should populate the corresponding Employee picture in “WebObject” and the corresponding data in the other two viz:  Simpletbl, HeatMap3


      When I unselect the selection , all of the objects : WebObject pic, SimpleTbl, HeatMap3 should all go blank


      I am having trouble making the WebObject go blank as it retains the URL we sent.


      For now, the URL is set to a column [Image of Analyst ] that has the URL built on data side.


      Layout of the Dashboard






      URL Action


      URL action.png


      URL - Web Object


      URL Web Object.png


      Thanks in advance!