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    Two questions re: mapping-- joining spatial .shp file with lat/long data, and creating 1 km radius around each pt


      Hi all,


      I'm using a sub-county map of Kenya (.shp file) and lat/long data in a separate csv file. How do I easily join the two? I have the geographic data/shape file boundaries open in a separate sheet, and whenever I try to  bring in the geocoded lat/long data, it says I need to create a relationship with the shape file (Data> Edit Relationships). But when I click on that, it doesn't do anything (i.e. it just shows me the primary and secondary data sources). Also, I was trying to see if there is a simple way to create a 1km radius around each lat/long point (village). I know I could radially select outwards, but is there a way to keep that 1km radius circle visible on the map? I'm attaching my workbook if that is easier