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    Duplicate values


      Hello everyone, I have connected tableau to smartsheet. Smartsheet has Orderdate,Country,state and sales fields.


      Orderdate: Jan-18, Feb-18,Mar-18.....Sep-18.


      Country: US,UK and India.


      -->Created a month parameter with Jan-t-18 values and wrote a logic by creating calc field: Cal_Mon---> If month_param=Orderdate then 1 else 0 end.


      Created a calc field Country_swap and included country field (For swap sheet)


      Created country parameter.




      1) When i try to drag Cal_Mon into filter shelf, I am unable to view value 1 as per the logic.


      2) Dragged  country_swap calc field and write custom list for US,UK and India.


      As per the above scenario, when i try to see the data for sales, values are getting duplicated for all months.


      and table is not getting changed when i try to change month parameter.


      Help me out.


      Note: I cant share the workbook as the data cant be shared.