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    2018.2 Dashboard Extensions + Proxy

    Alexandra Usacheva



      Has anybody already faced a problem of using new dashboard extensions (v 2018.2) with proxy settings?

      After adding the extension to the dashboard and giving all permissions, all I got is blank white space. Configuring the extension does not work either.

      I tried pasting the extension URL directly into browser and it works. So, I am assuming the issue is about proxy settings inside Tableau Desktop.

      I also tried to disconnect from our main Ethernet network and connect to the guest wi-fi one. Faced no problem at all - everything worked perfect.


      And to be noted, I can succesfully load the map background from Tableau Desktop, but I am not sure, maybe that map address is in our exclusions list.


      Any thoughts? Can I do something directly in Tableau Desktop? Or I need to work it out with my administators?