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    Measure Values Pill with Multiple Number Formats

    Samantha Dean



      I'm new to Tableau and am using Tableau Public. I have searched all over to see if it is possible to have the measures within the Measure Values to have different number formats along the axis and have not been able to find a solution. I have two measures with normal number formatting, one with currency formatting, and one with a percentage formatting. I would like to have them all within the Measure Values pill in order to be able to exclude certain data when creating a story. When I put them on the shelf individually, I lose the ability to exclude a section of the data on the sheet from the story.


      I have already changed the default number format for each measure individually. Ideally, I would like the axis on the side to be a scale of percentage for the % row, currency for the $ row, and normal numbers for the F # and S # rows.


      The link to the workbook on Tableau public is here.


      Thank you for any and all help given. I am a student and learning Tableau as Professional Development at my workplace so any insights given are highly appreciated.