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    Individual KPI Indicators for Individual Measures

    ShivaRam Chennapragada

      Hello Community,


      I have a use case, where I have Current, Prior Year, Budgeted sales for different markets. I'd like to show these in everyone's favorite tabular format (pun intended). But I'd also like to add KPI indicators just to add a hint visualization. Currently what I have is something like this, I have a calc field "KPI Indicator - Budget" which is based on "Current sales variance wrt Budget", what I really want is, "KPI Indicator - Budget" shapes should only be displayed under the column "Var to Budget %" and I'd also like to add "KPI Indicator - PY" which is based on "Variance wrt Prior Year Sales" and these shapes should be displayed under column "YOY Growth %". Nice to have is, I don't want shapes to appear under "Current", "Prior Year", "Budget" columns. In short my vision for this viz is, individualize custom shapes wrt columns.

      Variance wrt to Budget,

      Variance wrt to PY,

      What I want,



      Hope this makes sense. Attached package workbook. Open to suggestions on bettering the current viz.


      Have a great weekend!