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    Is it possible show a percentage of  filtered value over an unfiltered value

    Jonathon Lake



      I have a chart that shows the area of a sub category (filtered) and then another that shows the area of all the categories (unfiltered).


      I want to be able to have textbox that show the % of the sub category over the total % of all categories.


      For Example.


      Category 1: total area: 100,000 m2

      Category 1+2+3 (All categories): 340,000 m2


      Textbox 1 (Category 1 as a percentage of the overall area) = 29.4%

      (100,000/340,000 * 100)


      Category 1 has a few sub-sections as well. I was wondering whether I can show these as a percentage when clicked on in the dashboard as well.


      Textbox 2 (sub category of category 1): 40%

      (40,000 / 100,000 * 100)


      I've been playing around with creating calculations but can't seem to come up with a solution.


      Maybe you guys have an idea.


      Thanks in advance.