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    Question about stacked barcharts

    Joe Rouse


      I am a new user.


      Below is an example of a stacked bar chart that I have created.  The blue portion of the chart is the sum of the orange and pink portions of the chart.  How do I remove the blue portion while ensuring that the data associated with it appears in a tooltip? 

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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Joe,


          The easiest way of getting rid of it is to r/click the blue area and select hide. If you select exclude it will filter the data out and won't appear in the tooltip. This technique is usually impractical because any other filtered worksheet will return the blue area when the filter on the other sheet is cleared.


          Another method would be to duplicate the data element, and create a calculated field for the second one to filter out the data that you do not wish to see. Then you use the filtered field in your viz, and use the unfiltered field in your tooltip.





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            Chris McClellan

            I would definitely filter out the "total" (possibly even go as far to say that it shouldn't be in the data at all to begin with)


            Then to access the total in the tooltip, create a calculated field that does this:


            WINDOW_SUM(SUM([MTD Actual]))


            This is a lot more dynamic and will work as you add more months (there might be "compute using" setting that you need to change as well).


            Basically, you only want the "base level" data and let Tableau sum it up when you need it

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              Joe Rouse

              Thank you,

              This was a very helpful response.